At first glance the Draco lizard looks like your typical lizard, a small scaly reptile with clawed feet and a long tail. However, these lizards have an extraordinary feature that allows them to easily travel throughout their environment. The Draco lizards have wings! These wings are not analogous to the wings of a bird, but... Continue Reading →

Making Waves with Marine Iguanas

The Galápagos Islands have a rich history in the field of evolutionary biology. In addition to being the islands where Darwin developed his theory of natural selection, it is also home to thousands of species of animals. One of these species is the marine iguana, or Amblyrhynchus cristatus, a land-dwelling reptile that can, fascinatingly, forage... Continue Reading →

 For the Love of Leaping Lizards!

Lizards have a ‘fly’ mechanism of fleeing from predators, as depicted by Sir David Attenborough in Season 1, Episode 3 of Planet Earth II. In the documentary, he explains that Draco lizards (genus Draco), who are merely the size of a pencil and have an appetite for ants, can soar over 30 meters in a... Continue Reading →

The FLYzards

The Draco Lizard appears in Episode 3 of Planet Earth II Season 1. In the documentary, Attenborough describes how Draco lizards can fly up to 30 meters at a stretch to avoid combat or search for food. In this particular instance in the documentary, a Draco lizard is shown surveying a tree for food. However,... Continue Reading →

The Successful Ant Farmers

You may think that complicated social activities, like agriculture, are unique to humans if you have never seen these leaf-cutting ants. As seen in Planet Earth, Season 2, On the vast grassland of South America, leaf cutting ants are diligently managing their farms of fungi just like humans. Cellulose, a main components of leaves, is... Continue Reading →

Let’s Get in Formation: Desert Lion Survival 101

A pride of lionesses forms a beautifully-coordinated trap, chasing a giraffe into what appears to be inevitable death; unexpectedly, the hunt ends in failure as the giraffe viciously tramples the lead female and escapes relatively unscathed. David Attenborough states that lion hunts have the highest rate of failure in the desert, which is not surprising... Continue Reading →

Are Lions Social?

According to David Attenborough in Planet Earth II, episode 4 (Deserts), lions are most successful when they hunt and live in groups. But is this always true, and is it worth it? Lions are known to live in large prides, but we don’t always know why. Researchers have discovered that it’s harder for lions to... Continue Reading →

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