“Getting lucky” as a flower requires a bit more tact than a courtship ritual given that plants are anchored to the ground and lack awareness as to where a suitable mate resides. Life in the Wet Zone, part of the Kindgom of Plants 3D series, examines some of the many tricks of the trade for... Continue Reading →

Fiery Wings in Sky

If you’re close enough, the gusty waves produced from the flapping of a vulture’s wings can be quite palpable. Take, for example, Griffon Vultures. They are one of the largest species of vultures, weighing up to eleven kilos and having a wing span of over two meters. It is no easy task for creatures of... Continue Reading →

At first glance the Draco lizard looks like your typical lizard, a small scaly reptile with clawed feet and a long tail. However, these lizards have an extraordinary feature that allows them to easily travel throughout their environment. The Draco lizards have wings! These wings are not analogous to the wings of a bird, but... Continue Reading →

Illuminating the Evolutionary Past of Bioluminescent Fish  

In David Attenborough’s documentary episode “Life that Glows”, several different organisms that utilize bioluminescence are featured, and these organisms use bioluminescence to improve fitness in terms of attracting mates or prey. Splitfin flashlightfish (Anomalops katoptron) are a nocturnal deep-sea fish specifically discussed in this documentary. These fish use torch-like organs under their eyes to identify... Continue Reading →

Making Waves with Marine Iguanas

The Galápagos Islands have a rich history in the field of evolutionary biology. In addition to being the islands where Darwin developed his theory of natural selection, it is also home to thousands of species of animals. One of these species is the marine iguana, or Amblyrhynchus cristatus, a land-dwelling reptile that can, fascinatingly, forage... Continue Reading →

Beating of My Chest  

In Life: Season 1 Episode 10, David Attenborough explores the social interactions and behavior of various primates that live around the world. Particularly in the Congo Basin, many populations of Western Lowland Gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) inhabit the dense rainforest. Living in family packs, gorillas are led and protected by one silverback male. As the... Continue Reading →


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