Teamwork makes the dream work

If I were to think of what types of animals hunt in groups, I’d probably say something like wolves, hyenas, lions, maybe even my friend Kevin. That’s why when Season 1, Episode 1 of Frozen Planet depicted killer whales using coordinated and precise hunting techniques, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It turns out that even... Continue Reading →

 For the Love of Leaping Lizards!

Lizards have a ‘fly’ mechanism of fleeing from predators, as depicted by Sir David Attenborough in Season 1, Episode 3 of Planet Earth II. In the documentary, he explains that Draco lizards (genus Draco), who are merely the size of a pencil and have an appetite for ants, can soar over 30 meters in a... Continue Reading →

Not so Tiny Tortoises

Anyone who has taken an evolutionary biology class knows about Darwin’s famous trip to the Galapagos during which he observed the natural phenomena that influenced the development of his Theory of Evolution. On this trip, one of the most well-known examples of his observations were the giant Galapagos tortoises (Chelonoidis nigra), the largest land turtles,... Continue Reading →

The Vivacious Relic of the Seas

For a long time, scientists only knew Coelacanth from fossils, assuming that they went extinct over 60 million years ago. However, in 1938, a live Coelacanth was captured near South Africa, as described in Coelacanth, one of Sir David Attenborough’s first documentaries. Scientists were astounded by this discovery because it was a novel clue as to... Continue Reading →

King of The Fig Trees

According to David Attenborough in Planet Earth, Season 1, Episode 8 “Jungles”, fig trees and other fruiting trees are very valuable, causing many monkeys to be territorial. Siamang Gibbons claim their territory through their calls, starting with a duet between the dominant male and female and then spreading through their group. But how does this... Continue Reading →

Lyre Lyre Pants on Fire

In the midst of the forest, one may experience a cacophony of sounds. The songs from a myriad of bird species, the rumbling of a chainsaw, and the piercing cry of a car alarm from a nearby road are all noises permeating the thick brush in Episode 6 of Life of Birds, Season 1. What... Continue Reading →

The FLYzards

The Draco Lizard appears in Episode 3 of Planet Earth II Season 1. In the documentary, Attenborough describes how Draco lizards can fly up to 30 meters at a stretch to avoid combat or search for food. In this particular instance in the documentary, a Draco lizard is shown surveying a tree for food. However,... Continue Reading →

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