Winter is coming: calling all dragons

In Richard Attenborough’s BBC documentary The Living Planet (1984), episode “World’s Apart”, he discusses the evolution of Komodo Dragon’s in the isolated Indonesian island archipelago that comprises Komodo National Park (23:05). Attenborough states that Komodo dragons can grow up to 9 ft. in length and up to 100 lbs in weight, which is much larger... Continue Reading →

Chameleons: The Mood Rings of the Rain Forest

In episode 1 of David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities Season 1, one sees chameleons change their colors to either camouflage or communicate. Through multiple experiments, researchers observed a common sequence of defensive behaviors that the chameleons employed. They would first slowly turn behind the branch that they were perched upon to further hide themselves; then they... Continue Reading →

At first glance the Draco lizard looks like your typical lizard, a small scaly reptile with clawed feet and a long tail. However, these lizards have an extraordinary feature that allows them to easily travel throughout their environment. The Draco lizards have wings! These wings are not analogous to the wings of a bird, but... Continue Reading →

 For the Love of Leaping Lizards!

Lizards have a ‘fly’ mechanism of fleeing from predators, as depicted by Sir David Attenborough in Season 1, Episode 3 of Planet Earth II. In the documentary, he explains that Draco lizards (genus Draco), who are merely the size of a pencil and have an appetite for ants, can soar over 30 meters in a... Continue Reading →

The FLYzards

The Draco Lizard appears in Episode 3 of Planet Earth II Season 1. In the documentary, Attenborough describes how Draco lizards can fly up to 30 meters at a stretch to avoid combat or search for food. In this particular instance in the documentary, a Draco lizard is shown surveying a tree for food. However,... Continue Reading →

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