Gossip Around the Town

Do prairie dogs possess lingual capabilities? Animal House, a David Attenborough documentary, might lead you to believe so. In this documentary, Attenborough claims that prairie dogs have a unique language that they use to communicate with each other, alerting their communities to potential threats. Attenborough notes the remarkability of their language system and how unique... Continue Reading →

Whales can blow bubbles… and sing too!

Humpbacks: From Fire to Ice provide viewers a unique look into the reproductive strategies of humpback whales across the Pacific Ocean. Just like birds, these whales use song to attract potential mates. All males near Hawaii sing the same song, and this song starts to vary over time. Sometimes a young male can even tag... Continue Reading →

Dolphins with Tasers

In the video The Hunt, Attenborough describes how dolphins work together to concentrate fish together so that they can catch and feed on the fish more easily while preventing the fish from escaping the area. The video shows that dolphins not only use sonar to communicate with each other, but that they also use loud... Continue Reading →

Beating of My Chest  

In Life: Season 1 Episode 10, David Attenborough explores the social interactions and behavior of various primates that live around the world. Particularly in the Congo Basin, many populations of Western Lowland Gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) inhabit the dense rainforest. Living in family packs, gorillas are led and protected by one silverback male. As the... Continue Reading →

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