Algae Are Friends not Food

Why did the limestone feel unappreciated? Because they thought they were being taken for granite! Fortunately, they are appreciated by coral reefs. Coral reefs are large underwater ecosystems that are home to thousands of different underwater species. In fact, they are commonly known as the rainforests of the sea due to their rich diversity. In... Continue Reading →

Illuminating the Evolutionary Past of Bioluminescent Fish  

In David Attenborough’s documentary episode “Life that Glows”, several different organisms that utilize bioluminescence are featured, and these organisms use bioluminescence to improve fitness in terms of attracting mates or prey. Splitfin flashlightfish (Anomalops katoptron) are a nocturnal deep-sea fish specifically discussed in this documentary. These fish use torch-like organs under their eyes to identify... Continue Reading →

The Light Show of the Deep Sea

At the deepest depths of the ocean, where sunlight can no longer penetrate, there is a complex ecosystem of organisms functioning in complete darkness. The creatures of the deep sea have evolved impressive ways of dealing with the darkness that engulfs them, and one method in particular, bioluminescence, is present at remarkably high frequencies. This... Continue Reading →

The Successful Ant Farmers

You may think that complicated social activities, like agriculture, are unique to humans if you have never seen these leaf-cutting ants. As seen in Planet Earth, Season 2, On the vast grassland of South America, leaf cutting ants are diligently managing their farms of fungi just like humans. Cellulose, a main components of leaves, is... Continue Reading →

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