The Mysteries of Wild Ass Mating

Sexual reproduction can be quite a tricky process, involving an array of selective pressures that produce intriguing behaviors across species. Male-male competition is one common form of sexual selection and includes a variety of processes, such as direct combat. For example, look at the male-male competition that occurs within the wild ass populations of the... Continue Reading →

The Un-Bear-able Truth

From Pole to Pole, Series 1, Episode 1, depicts the impacts of raising young polar bear cubs on hibernation cycles and, consequently, survival. This video focuses on the maternal efforts taken to ensure the offsprings’ survival. Polar bears reproduce sexually, and the father has nothing to do with the mother or offspring after mating. After... Continue Reading →

King of The Fig Trees

According to David Attenborough in Planet Earth, Season 1, Episode 8 “Jungles”, fig trees and other fruiting trees are very valuable, causing many monkeys to be territorial. Siamang Gibbons claim their territory through their calls, starting with a duet between the dominant male and female and then spreading through their group. But how does this... Continue Reading →

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