The Strength of a Mother’s Love

In his documentary, Life, David Attenborough explores the mysteries and complexities of life by observing a variety of land and marine animals. In Season 1 episode 1, Attenborough addresses the various “challenges of life” that animals face and mentioned, in many cases, parental care and contributions toward their offspring. Of the many examples, the Oophaga... Continue Reading →

Beating of My Chest  

In Life: Season 1 Episode 10, David Attenborough explores the social interactions and behavior of various primates that live around the world. Particularly in the Congo Basin, many populations of Western Lowland Gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) inhabit the dense rainforest. Living in family packs, gorillas are led and protected by one silverback male. As the... Continue Reading →

Hunting With the Sixth Sense

While on the hunt, a supreme awareness of the surroundings can pay off large dividends for an individual. One species that takes advantage of their surroundings is the shark. In Life, a shark quickly reacts to the movements of a school of anchovies by sensing the electrical signals given off by their collective movement, giving... Continue Reading →

Fishes Falling with Style

Fish can fly, or so it appears in Season 1, Episode 1 of Life. In the documentary, Attenborough describes how flyingfish can glide forward for over 200 meters, just above the surface of the water, in order to avoid predators. There are approximately 50 species of flyingfish in the family Exocoetidae [1]. These fish do... Continue Reading →

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