The Strength of a Mother’s Love

In his documentary, Life, David Attenborough explores the mysteries and complexities of life by observing a variety of land and marine animals. In Season 1 episode 1, Attenborough addresses the various “challenges of life” that animals face and mentioned, in many cases, parental care and contributions toward their offspring. Of the many examples, the Oophaga... Continue Reading →

Frigatebird, an Energy-Saving Opportunist

In Season 1, Episode 4 of the Hunt, Attenborough describes how Magnificent Frigatebirds, Fregata manificens, take the opportunity to snatch flyingfishes when these poor fishes glide over the sea to avoid predation by mahi-mahi, the dolphinfish. Interestingly, as seabirds, frigatebirds seldom touch the ocean, because their feathers are not waterproof [1]. However, they can travel... Continue Reading →

Are Lions Social?

According to David Attenborough in Planet Earth II, episode 4 (Deserts), lions are most successful when they hunt and live in groups. But is this always true, and is it worth it? Lions are known to live in large prides, but we don’t always know why. Researchers have discovered that it’s harder for lions to... Continue Reading →

Eat, Sleep, and Build

In Season 1, Episode 4 of The Life of Mammals, beavers (Castor Canadensis) not only breathe, sleep, and eat as other mammals, but they also build. Attenborough witnesses a North American beaver building a dam in this documentary. Castor Canadensis are a species that align mud, sticks, and stones to one side of the dam,... Continue Reading →

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