Dolphins with Tasers

In the video The Hunt, Attenborough describes how dolphins work together to concentrate fish together so that they can catch and feed on the fish more easily while preventing the fish from escaping the area. The video shows that dolphins not only use sonar to communicate with each other, but that they also use loud... Continue Reading →

Teamwork makes the dream work

If I were to think of what types of animals hunt in groups, I’d probably say something like wolves, hyenas, lions, maybe even my friend Kevin. That’s why when Season 1, Episode 1 of Frozen Planet depicted killer whales using coordinated and precise hunting techniques, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It turns out that even... Continue Reading →

Hunting With the Sixth Sense

While on the hunt, a supreme awareness of the surroundings can pay off large dividends for an individual. One species that takes advantage of their surroundings is the shark. In Life, a shark quickly reacts to the movements of a school of anchovies by sensing the electrical signals given off by their collective movement, giving... Continue Reading →

Let’s Get in Formation: Desert Lion Survival 101

A pride of lionesses forms a beautifully-coordinated trap, chasing a giraffe into what appears to be inevitable death; unexpectedly, the hunt ends in failure as the giraffe viciously tramples the lead female and escapes relatively unscathed. David Attenborough states that lion hunts have the highest rate of failure in the desert, which is not surprising... Continue Reading →

Are Lions Social?

According to David Attenborough in Planet Earth II, episode 4 (Deserts), lions are most successful when they hunt and live in groups. But is this always true, and is it worth it? Lions are known to live in large prides, but we don’t always know why. Researchers have discovered that it’s harder for lions to... Continue Reading →

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