Bird’s Eye View

 With a wingspan of up to over eight feet and eyesight over eight times stronger than that of a human, the Golden Eagle is one of the most feared hunters in the wild. They possess 20/5 vision, and they can spot an object from 20 feet with the same clarity a visually unimpaired human can... Continue Reading →

Frigatebird, an Energy-Saving Opportunist

In Season 1, Episode 4 of the Hunt, Attenborough describes how Magnificent Frigatebirds, Fregata manificens, take the opportunity to snatch flyingfishes when these poor fishes glide over the sea to avoid predation by mahi-mahi, the dolphinfish. Interestingly, as seabirds, frigatebirds seldom touch the ocean, because their feathers are not waterproof [1]. However, they can travel... Continue Reading →

Fiery Wings in Sky

If you’re close enough, the gusty waves produced from the flapping of a vulture’s wings can be quite palpable. Take, for example, Griffon Vultures. They are one of the largest species of vultures, weighing up to eleven kilos and having a wing span of over two meters. It is no easy task for creatures of... Continue Reading →

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